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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco-Friendly BnBs by BnB Equity Group is committed to eco-friendly cleaning in all of our properties without compromise. Katrina (Kat) Papé, the founder and CEO, developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivites (MCS) that result in severe reactions to synthetic frangrances and harsh chemicals like bleach. She found traveling to become very difficult without becoming ill. Studies reveal that she is not alone as approximately 40% of the US poplulation knowlingly has MCS. 

Our goal at Eco-Friendly BnBs by BnB Equity Group is:

  • To provide a safe environemnt for our amazing guests, our incredible cleaners, our neighborly communities, and our beautiful home we call earth.

  • To educate and encourage other hosts to switch to truly green products in their short-term rentals to create a healthier environment on a world-wide scale.

  • To inspire listing platforms to include Eco-Friendly in their search criteria that hosts can opt into which includes specific criteria such as synthetic fragrance free and bleach free.

What We Use

Below are the products that we have pre-approved to use in our own vacation rental homes. Be sure to sign up to recieve updates to our product recommendations.

Things to note:

  • Even though many people have chemical sensitivities to synthetic (man-made) fragrances does not mean we cannot enjoy great scents. Many of the products used include 100% natural frangrances only. Many manufactuerers will add essential oils in addition to synthetic frangrances and must be avoided. 

  • Hydrogen peroxide is an eco-friendly and very effective bleach alternative that is naturally produced in plant and animal cells. It is better than bleach when used as a whitener and brightener in the laundry. Furthermore, studies have shown using hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant is more effective at killing bacteria, mold, and viruses than bleach. It is not a respiratory irritant and biodegrades completely into just two natural substances: water and oxygen. This means that it's completely safe for the environment, pets, children, and you. As with anything, always use in proper amounts.



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