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Kick back and relax.  We do the work so you don't have to.

Start to finish, we'll take care of it!

Gone are the days when homeowners could take a few pics, toss them on a listing site, and expect a ton of bookings.  With the boom of the vacation rental shared economy has ushered in vibrant new ways of doing business.  The reality is if you do not keep up you will be left behind.

That's Where We Step In.

Successfully operating an optimized short-term rental takes expertise, time, and money. 

We've developed the solutions you need for an entirely hands-off experience.
Why hassle with doing it yourself when our services more than pay for themselves?


Marketing Services


Logo Design
Consulting & Design Services

Professional Photography
Detailed Analytics



Booking Management

Dynamic Personalized Rate Setting
Listing Optimization
Guest Communication
(before, during, and after their stay)
Screening Guests
Writing & Requesting Reviews 
Handling Deposits
Multi-calendar Coordination
24/7 Emergency Contact 
Detailed House Manuals

Property Management

Supply Management and Ordering 
Landscape Services
Repair and Maintenance Services
Cleaning Training & Coordination
Improvements and Contractor Services


branding (1).jpg


BnB Equity Group helps you create a branded vacation rental experience. Branding isn't just picking a name but is holistic in scope.  It's creating an ambiance that reflects the character of the home as well as an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting to your guests.  Your house, your brand, your identity that you will take pride in as the homeowner. The greater Spokane market is a unique market in that all of the houses are not the same. We will ensure that your house stands out with your brand front and center. With BnB Equity Group's long history of branding and marketing in vacation rentals in the Spokane area, we will help steer you in the right direction to have the best possible chance for success in this crowded, but exciting, market.



We will assist in naming, logo design and overall strategy for what type of vacation rental the owner has in mind. With our long history in marketing vacation rentals in the Spokane area and understanding of marketing strategies across the various listing platforms, BnB Equity Group will assist and guide the owner in choosing the perfect name.  Sometimes the owner comes to the table with ideas we help develop into the perfect name and identity, or we formulate the perfect name for you, the owner. Let BnB Equity Group use their extensive entrepreneurial experience to create the optimal identity for your vacation rental that will ensure that it stands out in this competitive market. We will work closely with you to make sure you love the name of your vacation rental and that it maximizes your marketing efforts.


Logo Design

With 20+ years in developing start-up businesses related in the fields of retail, design, and real estate, Kat has an eye for aesthetic detail that has helped to develop a variety of logos with the team in multiple genres. After the name is set, the logo process begins. This is a top tier offer that really helps create a true identity and brand for your investment property. 

Consulting & Design Services

Optimizing a short-term rental begins with layout and design of the home and property.  This is a foundational step in creating a business plan for your property.  Knowing how to create the ambiance and setup that is focused on your guests' experience can be a difficult and overwhelming task that includes many details that are often overlooked. Let BnB Equity Group help you optimize your listing from Day 1, ensuring you make the most from your listing. Some of our areas of expertise include: interior design consulting, listing set up (including headlines, verbiage, photos, and more), finding short-term rental properties, pricing strategies, marketing, multi-channel listing, and daily operations.  We will create a comfortable, clean and inviting home that guests will want to stay at time and again.              


Professional Photography

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words!  That is why The Bnb Group will ensure that your photos are speaking the right words.  Our professional photographers will take eye-catching photos for use on multiple rental platforms. High-quality images are paramount to getting user views and boosting revenue. We also offer drone video and photography as well as in-home video tours to take your listing to the next level.  With BnB Equity Group's professional interior creativity and our hand-selected professional photographers, your listing will stand out among the marketplace.


Detailed Analytics

BnB Equity Group will not only help market and brand your property, as well as book renters and ensure they have a good stay, but we will help with all of the backend analytical aspects of the business. The BNB Equity Group's advantage is our 20+ years of competitive market analysis experience with the past 5 years being solely focused on real estate investing.  From spreadsheets on your competitors and their nightly rates to detailed revenue projections and tracking expenses. We look at the data to create pricing strategies utilizing our local market knowledge paired with professional technology algorithms.  We also keep track of expenses to help cut costs and raise revenue without compromising the guest experience. After all, we know this is a business for you and we aim to get you the most of out it by creating exceptional guest experiences while generating a healthy return.


Booking Management


Listing Optimization

BnB Equity Group will optimize your listing to appear as high as possible on online platform search results such as Airbnb and others with the primary goal of getting you the most views which, in turn, gives you the most possible revenue for your property.  Not only does BnB Equity Group have access to data analytics and market research, but we also have extensive knowledge of what makes a listing stand out among other listings.  It takes more than a great title and perfect photos but includes using every inch of available space on every platform to ensure that your listing is fully optimized.  These are tips and tricks of the trade that take countless hours and research to stay current on.  With our in-depth research of the greater Spokane market and knowledge of the ever-changing art of listing platforms SEO, our focus is on every aspect of getting your property high occupancy rates.


Dynamic Personalized Rate Setting

Listing Optimization and Dynamic Personalized Rate Setting is worth between a 10% - 40% improvement in revenue as we use a variety of pricing metrics and algorithms as well as having a long history of analytical comps for nightly pricing to ensure that you are getting the most revenue possible from your investment.  We do not use "Smart" pricing as we have found after running multiple market tests to be consistently far below the true market price.  For example, "Smart" pricing cannot determine if a property that has a hot tub will book at a higher rate nor what that higher rate is that guests gladly pay to enjoy your unique features.  It cannot distinguish between a property located downtown or one nestled in the woods.  "Smart" pricing cannot give you a clear view of how you compare with other homes in your comp set other than lumping all "3 beds/2 baths" together.  This is an inferior way to price your short-term rental that grossly underestimates your potential.


BnB Equity Group takes the time and does the work so that your nightly rate consistently changes accordingly to ensure that each night is booked at its ideal price and stays within the right price range to optimize occupancy and attract the right guests. 


Guest Screening

We know that it is not always easy letting strangers stay in your home so BnB Equity Group works hard to help ensure that your property hosts amazing guests prior to arrival.  For an additional level of security, we take it one step further than what is enforced on the platforms security screenings by engaging with the guests from the first point of communication and throughout the booking process and stay. We have engaging conversations to get to know them better.  This not only adds another level to the personal touch that we pride ourselves for but helps to keep everyone on the same page and encourage guests who will gladly take good care of your home and its possessions while they enjoy their visit.  We take great pride in our personal communications that are fun and friendly while setting expectations which helps guest and owners alike feel safe and respected.

Guest Communication & 24/7 Emergency Contact

It is vital that guests know they can contact someone any time day or night.  That someone is us.  We are available 24/7 to communicate with your guests and for emergency contact support should the need arise. BnB Equity Group is committed to responding on time and making sure your guests are taken care of at all times.  We also provide check-in and check-out instructions, local insights, recommendations, as well as answers to any of their questions before and after booking.  When you use BnB Equity Group, you have complete peace of mind that your guests are having an exceptional stay and your property is being exceptionally taken care of.  


Multi-Listing Coordination

Each listing site is its own animal with its own unique perks and quirks.  Different sites attract a different base of guests.  We do not limit your potential by placing your property on just one listing site.  Sure this creates more work for us but you get to utilize our expertise with over 5 years of managing multiple listing sites and avoid the huge learning curve in discovering what works best on each platform. BnB Equity Group will create listings for your house on several listing sites to maximize the traffic viewing of your property and increase your booking percentage.


Detailed House Binder

In a perfect world, your renter would never need to reach out with any questions. They would have access to a binder with every answer they might need. If they ask a new question, we add it into the binder that day. Think of it as an owner's manual for your house. We not only spend hours crafting the perfect binder, but we print them on stylish full-bleed binders to ensure a quality product. 


Property Management


Hospitality Housekeeping Services

One of the most challenging aspects is keeping the home white-glove clean.  BnB Equity Group understands that hospitality cleaning entails much more than standard housekeeping companies provide, therefore we hand select and professionally train each of our turnover specialists ensuring that every detail has been taken care of to our highest quality of standards.  In addition to standard cleaning, we provide complete turnover service paying the utmost attention to detail that includes fresh linens, soft towels, and toiletries for each turn.  This is why we consistently receive rave reviews on the cleanliness of the properties we manage which earns you more bookings and money on your investment. 


Since we care about your guests' as well as our valuable turnover specialists' health, as well as our environment we only use Green Cleaning supplies that are natural and free from chemicals and artificial fragrances yet proven effective in killing germs and creating sparkling surfaces.  By providing an environment that is free from products in which studies have shown to cause respiratory inflammation and to have neurotoxic effects on the brain and nervous system we leverage your home to be in a unique position to cater to those with severe allergies and chemical reactions.  We have found this to be a growing segment within the population who choose to stay at short-term rental properties rather than hotels and we love leaving a small footprint in this beautiful world that we live in.


Landscaping Services

Having someone physically on the property taking care of it is crucial. The turnover specialists take care of the inside, and we ensure the outside is just as clean and taken care of as well. We create detailed checklists for our team to follow and regularly inspect their work to make sure it meets our high quality of standards.  We can also manage landscapers to keep your property pristine.  Just one more item off of your to-do list.


Maintenance & Repair Coordination

From maintaining lightbulbs to larger fixes, The BnB Equity Group takes care of basic property maintenance tasks and will be on call throughout your guest’s stay. With our team's constant eyes on your property, any maintenance or repairs are quickly assessed and taken care of.  Sit back and relax. We got this!

Supply Management

Stocking and supplying short-term rentals takes a lot of work and organization. We make sure you are getting the best price for all your supplies and keeping track of the stock as you go along. We have invaluable checklists and suggestions for everything from towels, to forks, to cleaning supplies.  Our turnover specialists ensure each guest has a fresh set up supplies for their stay.  We even help you pick a customized gift to leave for your guests as a 'Thank You' and have hard to find resources from our extensive contacts the food, gift, and home decor business world.


Neighbor Relations Coordinator

In this dynamic world of Airbnb and vacation rentals, one aspect that cannot be overlooked is our neighbors.  Too many negative stories make it into the news, which is rare, few, and far between.  BnB Equity Group will reach out to each neighbor on every side of your property to meet them, introduce ourselves, and give them our contact info in case they see something suspicious at any time during or between guest stays while also addressing any concerns they may have and ensuring that they have a friendly face as a point of contact.  This is yet another way that BnB Equity Group helps protect your property while also improving community relations and guest experiences. 


General Contractor Services

Whether you are a current homeowner that needs to make improvements or an investor who has bought a home in need of heavy repairs and updates we have a team of licensed contractors who will get the job done.  They are professionals in remodels, including kitchen, baths, and basements, to hot tubs, decks, and fire pits.  Whatever you want, we can make it happen. 

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