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We are a hospitality experiential company. We endeavor to create unique hospitality experiences that connect the mind, body, and soul to each other and the world.

We provide world-class hospitality to our communities, homeowners, and team members through our dedication to excellence.

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Katrina Papé

CEO, Founder

BnB Equity Group

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Our Story

Katrina has over 27 years of entrepreneurial experience including business creation and management, interior design, staging,  merchandising, and real estate investing with a specialty in market analysis that fits perfectly in the dynamic market of short term rentals.

She began this journey of operating short term rentals with her own home in the years following the Great Recession when the real estate market was struggling to recover as was Katrina after several life challenges. After six months of market research, she welcomed her first guest in 2014. In 2015 she added another short term rental along the West Coast of Washington state. As she watched the national data annually and realized that her properties are operating within the top percentile of the nations top markets she decided to expand and offer services for other owners. We hope you will follow our journey!

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BnB Equity Group is a hospitality company that serves guests and owners through our customized approach to operating short term rentals. We place high value on our guests, owners, and team members by always maintaining the spirit and action of working together, encouraging others, being cooperative, and optimizing one another’s strengths and skills. We believe this is foundational in a healthy organization.


When we each give our best we not only build confidence in ourselves and each other but enjoy the results of all of our various parts working together to produce enhanced outcomes. Just as the systems within our bodies work independently yet as a whole to optimize the energy and health of the person, so do the systems within our organization work to optimize the growth, energy, and wellbeing of our guests, owners, and team members independently and as a whole company.

Work Ethic
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At the end of the day, our Core Values are what drives our Work Ethic. The following are the values we uphold as a company including the individuals who make up our team.

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Functioning in a healthy manner as a whole individual and as a whole organization...mind, body, and spirit we create health-centered experiences for guests, owners, and team members through our communications and interactions, our commitment to excellence, to the ambiance and aesthetics of our homes, to green cleaning without harmful chemicals, and coordinating wellness stays. We are always in the mode to grow into the healthiest version of ourselves in all areas of our lives.


Being Wholistic Committed is to emphasize the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. Each guest, owner, and team member is equally important to the whole health of our organization.

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We strive to be the best version of ourselves in all aspects of life. We lead by example to inspire others to discover their greatness.


Growth happens outside of the comfort zone. We don’t assume limits, we explore them, being comfortable with failure and learning from it.  We take full ownership of our tasks. We don’t make excuses, blame others, or complain about external factors. Not everything is our fault but it is our responsibility to make it right by finding solutions and taking action. When we say we are going to do something, we do it. This is the essence of integrity.

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We are always in a student mindset that is willing to learn and grow, create solutions, and improve systems and methods resulting in an environment that flows for guests, owners, and team members.

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We will excel in the service market by setting the needs of our guests, owners, and team members as our priority. By committing to this we create symbiosis, a mutually beneficial relationship between guests, owners, and team members where we all thrive and succeed.

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We are diligent in meeting and exceeding expectations and goals by paying attention to the details regardless of how big or small they may seem. Small things are just as important as big things. Minute details may not be consciously verbalized but send strong messages to the subconscious and are the difference between mediocre and stellar experiences.

Core Values
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