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Decorated Bedroom


A vital aspect of operating a short-term rental is the daunting task of furnishing the home with everything it needs and nothing that it doesn't. This includes basic necessities in the right quantities as well as desing elements and ambiance. 

BnB Equity Group's properties receive rave reviews for being the best stocked vacation rentals and for our comfortable beds and homes. Use our comprehensive Checklist And Buying Guide to assist you in getting those same happy guests leaving great reviews and the convenience of having everything ship directly to you saving you hours in time and money.

These are all items that we use and love and/or have fully vetted. If you decide to make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links, I'll earn some tea sipping money (organic, of course!). You do not pay a higher price. 


Digital Locks

Schlage Encode holds up to 100 codes and does not require a separate hub. Simply install and use the Schlage Home or Amazon app.

Lock Boxes

Place duplicate set of all keys in a secured location on property for emergency access by owner and/or staff.

We use Master Lock options: "push button" and "key lock box". Staff and guests remember short words better than random numbers.


Guests want to feel at home and to live like a local. Provide everything that they might need to prepare a meal, bake holiday goodies, or popcorn for movie night. Be sure to have enough dinnerware, silverware, and drinking glasses for twice the number of maximum guests so that they do not need to be washing dishes constantly.

Set of 8

Set of 12


We buy glass as plastic stains and holds odors.

Healthy Ceramic.

Multiple Color Options


The bathroom(s) welcome guests with a spa-like look and will make them feel special and pampered. We use plush white towels that wear well from guests and frequent washing and stains are easily managed with our natural stain remover. We require every home ot stock the black makeup washclothes.


Your bedrooms are ESSENTIAL to the overall guest experience. Creating a feeling of relaxation is just as important as providing it. Make sure the guest has everything they need including plenty of pillows, a good mattress, and quality bedding. Do not forget to buy in two's or more for quick and smooth turnovers. 

Multiple Sizes


Your living room is an amenity most hotels do not offer. To ensure an enjoyable experience, make sure there is enough space for the maximum number of guests, functioning entertainment devices, and include an few family fun activities.


We are committed to green cleaning not only for the betterment of our planet but for the health of our indoor environment for the guests as well as our cleaning staff. We use these products and have found them to be not only as effective but often more effective than standard chemical cleaning products. This provides a need and service to a growing population who desire to stay in green clean homes as well as the increasing population with chemical allergies. 


Ensuring guest safety and complying with local laws is a fundamental aspect of operating a short-term rental. Use this guide to ensure that you have everything you need.

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